Pärnu Rotary Youth Foundation
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Goals and principles for support

The Pärnu Rotary Youth Foundation has been established in order to support young and talented persons with education, sports and creative activities. The goal is to encourage young people to develop their gifts and provide financial means to help them in these pursuits.

The Pärnu Rotary Youth Foundation provides different types of scholarship for gymnasium studies, various creative and sportive activities as well as for continuing education abroad.
The Foundation supports people primarily from the Pärnu region.

The scholarships are granted according to available funding. The funding sources include donations, income from promotional activities and other sources.

Pärnu Rotary Youth Foundation is included in the list of tax-exempt "Non-profit-making Charity Organizations" by Regulation no.474k of July 1,2004 of the government of the Estonian Republic. All Donations to the said Foundation as well as its scholarships are exempt from taxes accordingly.

We invite you to contribute to the Foundation. Please consider supporting gifted young people in Pärnu area! This way together we create financial opportunities for them to realize their full potential.
Should you decide to support our activities, please transfer your donation to our account no. 10220036771018 AS SEB Pank, IBAN EE681010220036771018. THANK YOU!

Pärnu Rotary Youth Foundation Mere puiestee 7, Pärnu